Combining high efficiency in both hot water and central heating modes, the compact HRE’s energy-efficient design is a perfect example of our revolutionary condensing boiler technology in action. The HRE is available in four power outputs to satisfy most domestic applications. All our HRE boilers are Energy Saving Trust recommended.

If an Intergas System Filter is fitted with your Intergas boiler, we’ll add two more years to the warranty!
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Unrivalled quantities of hot water and heat

You expect your central heating boiler to provide enough hot water for both your kitchen and bathroom, as well as enough heat to get all your home’s rooms cosy and snug. Our compact HRE is designed to do just this. The model that best suits your needs depends on your exact heating and hot water requirements. Whatever these may be, one of our boilers is sure to be a perfect match for you.

Extreme energy efficiency

Our revolutionary bithermic heat exchanger is in every Intergas boiler and is the component that guarantees extreme energy efficiency. Thanks to its intelligent design, there’s no need for a diverter valve (in combis), valve motor, auto air vent or secondary hot water plate heat exchanger, so all the parts that tend to stick, leak or let you down aren’t there. Made from aluminium, with two separate copper circuits, its large surface area and increased waterways ensure optimal heat transfer and minimal heat loss.

All our heat exchangers come with a 10-year warranty.