Boilers, heat pumps, hydrogen – what’s the craic?

From 2025 gas and oil boilers will be banned from new build and, from the mid-2030s, you won’t be able to replace a gas or oil boiler with anything other than a low-carbon heating system like a heat pump or hydrogen-ready boiler. The environmental driving force is the achievement of net carbon zero by 2050 in the UK, but what’s best for you right now if you need a new boiler? Well, to be honest, none of this is straight forward. The installation of a heat pump, which the Government’s been pushing, is an expense many can’t afford, and it will only work effectively if your home is very well insulated. A hydrogen boiler would be the most economical replacement for a gas boiler, but the infrastructure needs to be in place first. Right now, if you want to keep your energy bills low, then the best change you can reasonably make is to improve your home’s insulation and ensure your boiler is the most efficient it can be.