It’s all about the tech at Colchester Institute

Continuing the educational theme, when the students at Colchester Institute met Kevin Ansell and Mark Burns from Intergas for a Q&A session, we learned a lot from them! Were they blown away by our revolutionary bithermic heat exchanger? The fact that our combis don’t have a diverter valve? Only four moving parts? No. What got all of them interested and involved was hearing about all the smart tech. They wanted to know more about remote management and the LAN Gateway, ditto the Service Dashboard and, of course, greener heating products like heat pumps. Kevin and Mark were only too happy to oblige and are working on their next presentation to make the bithermic heat exchanger more interesting! Can you describe a component that was designed a quarter of a century ago as ‘smart tech’? When it’s our heat exchanger, yes you can. FYI, the students are working towards a Level 3 NVQ qualification in Plumbing and Domestic Heating, just like Ruben.