Going Dutch

We may not be a very familiar name here, but in the Netherlands we’re superstars! The Dutch love a pioneer and we, well, pioneered. Want to know what we actually did?

Back in 1939 we specialised in making wooden washtubs and laundry wringers; by the mid-60s we began focusing on the manufacture of stoves and back boilers and, in 1989 we launched our first condensing boiler. The Netherlands was the first country to take the energy efficiency credentials of the boiler seriously, and sales of this new-fangled appliance soared, propelling Intergas into pole position as the leading brand in condensing boiler technology. 16 years later it became mandatory to install condensing boilers in the UK.

It was in the early 90s that Intergas really got into Dyson (non-bag related) territory. Its revolutionary new boiler design eliminated the need for a diverter valve (in a combi), auto air vent and secondary hot water plate heat exchanger, and it only had 12 components, including four moving parts. With fewer parts, less could go wrong, and Intergas soon became synonymous with reliability.