The cost of a boiler installation is often a shock to customers. It could be the 10 years since their last purchase or the fact that times are much harder now. You can help them get the right boiler through a rental scheme run by BeWarm and BeWarm pays you for the entire installation, usually within 24 hours. BeWarm’s Heating Plan can cost your customer as little as £30 a month, with no deposit to pay. And, before you ask, yes, it’s head and shoulders above competitor schemes…

Customers currently paying for boiler cover plans through companies like British Gas HomeCare, can be charged additional fees for callouts and larger repairs; with BeWarm’s Heating Plan, the monthly costs are similar, but your customer will have the added benefits of a new, energy-efficient boiler, and peace of mind that all servicing, breakdown cover and repairs are covered, with no excess or callout charges. BeWarm’s Heating Plan is idea for customers who:

  • need a new boiler, but would prefer to spend the upfront cost on something else
  • have an old, inefficient boiler that’s costing more than necessary in repairs and energy bills
  • would like the security of lifetime boiler servicing, safety checks and maintenance cover, with no excess.

What’s in it for you? BeWarm pays you in full for the installation – usually within 24 hours of completing the job – and gives you guaranteed servicing and repair work for the lifetime of every Heating Plan you introduce. By being able to offer a no-deposit payment option, you can win more business with no financial risk.

If you have any questions you can call one of the BeWarm team on: 0800 987 1789 or email them here:, or you can register interest here: