MiREG fundraiser

Are you saving your MiREG points to get some great prizes? Preston-based Installer Mark Griffith, of MJ Griffith Plumbing & Heating Services, is using his to get an even better prize. He’s helping to raise money for immunotherapy treatment for his sister-in-law Alexandra Hodson who has inoperable cancer. He’s already claimed an Intergas HRE 36/30 through MiREG and is selling £5 raffle tickets where both the boiler and its installation can be won. Whatever he raises through the sale of the tickets will go towards Alexandra’s treatment fund. To help him reach his target faster, service agent Tim Puddick donated his points, with Intergas’s blessing, to Mark. The raffle will take place at the end of February 2020 and if you’d like to buy a raffle ticket, please contact Mark on mjgriffithplumbing@gmail.com

If you like to know more about Alexandra, here’s her story. In June 2018, 26 year-old Alexandra, mother to daughter Ella, was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Chemotherapy did not shrink the tumour, but brachytherapy did. There’s a limit to how much brachytherapy can be used on a person, and sadly the tumour grew again; due to its position on the pelvic wall, it was now impossible to operate and remove it. Good news came from Alexandra’s consultant who wanted to use immunotherapy, the most promising new cancer treatment since the first chemotherapies were developed in the 1940s, to shrink the tumour. He applied for funding from the NHS but was turned down, so the whole family and network of friends began fundraising to raise enough money to pay for a year’s-worth of treatment. What’s a year’s-worth? £96,300, which covers 17 treatments, one every three weeks. So far they’ve raised £50,000 and Alexandra received her first immunotherapy treatment last month.

The target is £100,000 and if anyone would like to donate to the fund or share Alexandra’s story, please go to her Go Fund Me page or click here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/alexandra039s-immunotherapy-fundraiser