MiREG: your time-saving app

“18 boiler registrations took me less than 30 minutes with MiREG.”

Ever since we launched MiREG, our free boiler registration app, we’ve been telling anyone who would listen that it’s an amazing time-saver. Peter Fowler of First Choice Plumbing and Heating has proved the point! Normally he’d register one boiler at a time, but we asked him to put the app under pressure and he registered a batch of 18 in one go.

“I’ve installed over 250 Intergas boilers over the last two years, and have been using MiREG since the beginning,” said Peter. “I would normally register a boiler on the actual day of installation but agreed to register a batch of 18 to put the app under pressure. Well the app was under no pressure at all, and nor was I, as 18 registrations took me less than 30 minutes.”

We’ve already reached over 900 registrations with MiREG, and the feedback continues to be nothing but positive. If you’d like to register your business and save some valuable time, download the app by clicking here. Once you’re up and running Intergas will automatically pay the Building Regulation notification fee, saving you £2.64 per boiler. The app also generates the Benchmark and Building Regulations Compliance certificates and the warranty letter, which are sent direct to the homeowner.