It`s another double, well… twin flue

When the owner of a modern three-storey terraced house on the seafront in the coastal village of Newburgh needed to replace an unreliable boiler, it was good news the installer, Richard Rainbow of Grampian Plumbing and Heating, was familiar with Intergas’s twin flue system. For aesthetic as well as practical reasons, the flue terminal had to exit through the pitched roof, but the boiler was on the ground floor, some eight metres away. The only solution was to install both our twin flue, which would comfortably cope with the distance, and the Eco RF, which would provide the efficiency, reliability, not to mention a ten-year warranty. If you didn’t know Intergas supplied twin flues, you do now (and all our boilers work with twin flues). They are used mainly by Housing Associations, but they are an inexpensive and flexible answer to tricky one-off residential installations.