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If you have installed a number of our boilers, you have already experienced the benefits of choosing Intergas, if you haven’t, now is the perfect time to get acquainted with the unique qualities of the Intergas boiler range.

Our Platinum Installers Promotion (PI) has made fitting an Intergas boiler even more profitable! Claiming free products is open to all MiREG Users. With MiREG it’s easy to see how many boilers you’ve fitted and select the promotional prize you’ve earned. If you’re already a MiREG user, you can login and start claiming your free promotional gifts. If you aren’t a MiREG user then click the “Join MiREG today” button below to get started.

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MiREG, the Gas Safe Register-tested and approved app for Gas Safe registered businesses. Saving time and money on every Intergas boiler installation you carry out, cutting up to 30 minutes of essential admin, and saving you £ 2.64 for the Boiler notification to Gas Safe Register.

MiREG makes life a little simpler, just look at what it does for you:

  • Keeps a record of you installations
  • Produces your Benchmark documentation
  • Records the installation with Gas Safe Register for the Building Regulations Certification
  • Registers the boiler warranty with us
  • Adds point to your promotional pot

All at the click of a button

But that’s not all, MiREG users who have had a Gas Safe Register Licence Card holder attend training are eligible to advertise their services on this web site to potential customers. So why wait, join MiREG today!

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