Important news: we’re updating our service procedures regarding the front plate seal on all our boilers.

From Monday 14th February every time you service an Intergas boiler, please replace the red silicon seal on the front plate with a black Viton seal. To ensure the continued reliability of customers’ boilers, the red seal must be upgraded to the black seal.  Black Viton seals are available now from your local stockist and, if you have any red seals, please send them to us at head office Kidderminster and we’ll replace them with black Viton seals free of charge.

You may remember that in 2017 we upgraded the front plate seal on all HRE 36/40 and 40 SB boilers with the black Viton seal to increase longevity; this has proven to be very successful as there have been no failures in four years. Since 2017 we have been monitoring the rest of our range of boilers that remained with the red silicon seal, and the results showed that seal failure occurred on a small number of boilers that had not been serviced correctly on an annual basis, or where they had undergone persistent fault code resets by the end user. Safety alert 029 was produced to highlight this issue.

Since March 2020, all Intergas boilers have been manufactured with the black seal.

We’d previously said the black front seal should be replaced every three years, or if the seal was showing signs of wear and tear, but our research shows this replacement must now be made every two years.

You can find the new service procedure by clicking here.

Here are the front plate seal part codes:

086474: large black Viton seal (replaces 876597 red silicon seal)

086504: medium black Viton seal (replaces 877927 red silicon seal)

086514: small black Viton seal (replaces 876467 red silicon seal)

If you have any questions about the new servicing procedure or obtaining the seals, please contact our Technical or Service departments on 01527 888000, or email