Win some goodies from The Riddler!

Can you solve the riddle below?

What can never be put in a saucepan?

If you can, you could be the proud owner of one of our goodie bags. We’ve got five to give away, and each one contains an Intergas-branded T-shirt, T-bar, pen and notebook, water bottle, drawstring bag, lanyard and heatex comb.

Just send your answer to: Please type RIDDLE in the subject box and state your T-shirt size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) and delivery address on your email. The first five randomly selected correct answers to reach us will win a goodie bag.

In our October issue, this was our riddle:

Rich people need it, poor people have it and if you eat it you’ll die. What is ‘it’?
The answer is: Nothing.

Congratulations to Peter Campbell, Colin Green, Alan Hinton, Ben Margulies and Ben Risbridger, whose correct answers were randomly selected last month. They have all received their goodie bags.