Thumbs up to the new standard

As an industry we’re always raising our standards, which is why we’re giving the new standard BS 7593:2019 the thumbs up. From the end of May this year it became mandatory to fit an in-line filter to all new boiler installations. This simple addition will protect the whole system, not just the boiler, improving overall efficiency and longevity. To be honest, you’re probably already  working to the new standard, but here’s the detail on exactly what needs to be implemented:

Dr Neil Watson, Adey’s Chief Technical Officer, believes this standard is going to benefit the industry and consumers: “A high proportion of boilers that fail in the first year do so because of poor water quality, so by introducing regular testing and redosing, proper system cleaning and the mandatory installation of an in-line filter to the industry’s code of practice, we can significantly improve the efficiency and life expectancy of every household system. This represents massive potential to contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions.”